Lantern with large light on battery and with remote control - Black and made of metal



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Extremely decorative lantern for the garden, terrace, balcony or house.


  • Metal and glass
  • Black lacquered
  • Supplied with light but without batteries for the light
  • Supplied with remote control with battery
  • 17x17 cm and 46 cm high


How do you use lanterns for cozy lighting outside?

Using lanterns for outdoor cozy lighting can add a warm and welcoming atmosphere to your patio, garden or outdoor event. Here are some steps on how to use lanterns for cozy lighting:

  1. Choose suitable lanterns:

    • Choose lanterns that suit your style and needs. There are different types of lanterns, including tealight or block lanterns, paper lanterns, glass lanterns and solar powered lanterns. You can also consider using lanterns in different shapes, sizes and colors for variety.
  2. Place lanterns strategically:

    • Consider where you want to place the lanterns to achieve the desired lighting effect. You can place them on tables, create paths, hang them in trees or on pergolas or place them along the terrace.
  3. Use light sources:

    • Depending on the type of lantern, you can use different light sources such as tealights, LED candles or small battery-powered lights. LED lights are often a safe and durable option.
  4. Light the lanterns:

    • Light the lanterns by lighting the tealights, setting battery-powered lights or activating the solar lighting if applicable.
  5. Create variety:

    • Use lanterns of different heights, colors and designs to create varied and interesting lighting.
  6. Use light diffusers:

    • If you want a soft and diffused light, you can place light diffusers such as glass or wax paper inside the lanterns to spread the light evenly.
  7. Add extra decoration:

    • To give the lanterns an extra decorative dimension, you can add flowers, leaves, branches or other natural material around them.
  8. Security:

    • Make sure the lanterns are safe and do not pose a fire hazard. Keep them away from flammable materials and supervise them when they are lit.
  9. Turn off the lanterns after use:

    • When you are finished using the lanterns, turn them off carefully to avoid unnecessary power consumption and to ensure safety.
  10. Maintenance:

    • Be sure to store your lanterns properly and maintain them to extend their life. Clean them if necessary and store them in a dry place.

Lanterns can create a romantic and cozy atmosphere outdoors and are suitable for everything from garden parties to relaxing evenings on the terrace. Through variety and creativity, you can create a unique lighting experience that suits your needs and the mood you want to achieve.