Bird feeder with camera and AI bird recognition for the garden - With built-in solar cell



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The luxury model of a unique bird feeder, which allows both feeding and watching the birds. The camera ensures both good images and sound. Option to save the videos and option for you to know via AI which bird it is. 


  • Brown/beige housing with built-in power supply in the form of a solar cell and battery pack
  • Made of recycled plastic
  • Cable for use with a mobile charging socket is included
  • Container for bird seed and easy filling by tilting the roof
  • Built-in option for water bowls
  • Feeding bowl with drain for water
  • Camera is a 2.4 WIFI wireless camera with built-in functions that detect movements that start recording. Option for you to talk via your phone via a small speaker and turn on lights
  • Option to use SD card (not included)
  • Option to download the APP so you get a message on your phone every time there is movement in front of the feeding board. One month free trial period and then DKK 30/month. The APP includes AI so you can get an answer to which bird visits your feeding board and a description of the bird
  • Possibility to set up a scare signal when the camera recognizes certain bird species on their way to the feeding board (for example, large birds)
  • Strong antenna (5 dB) which draws signal from the Internet in your house
  • All waterproof cf. IP65

The bird feeder can also function as a monitoring of the area it covers.

I have set up a box myself, and it covers the whole of one side of the detached house. Even during the winter with snow, the camera has received power from the solar cell alone - and functioned flawlessly. I have posted a few videos shot with that camera.