DIY/do it yourself craft kit of a Panda



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This is a paper lover's dream. 3D Papercraft Panda. This detailed DIY craft kit requires hands-on work to complete. But a successful build is rewarded every time compliments are given!

The craft kit with detailed shapes and amazing design will provide hours of fun. And it will turn heads in any living room, nursery, shop, office, event, business space, etc. Papercraft Panda magically transforms any room!


  • A set that all enthusiasts simply must have
  • Recommended from 14+
  • Final size: 500 x 450 x 360 mm
  • But designed for everyone - cut, fold and paste the pieces, it just takes patience and time.
  • Attention to detail - every component is designed with attention to detail.
  • Designed by InArt
  • Beautiful design - each of the 3D paper craft models is a work of art.
  • A timeless masterpiece - this 3D Papercraft Panda never gets old. It really deserves a place in the living room or somewhere else. After all, it lasts a long time.

Hours of fun:

🌼 Everyone has good experiences with this set
🌼 Enjoy the fun of collecting
🌼 Create a unique design piece
🌼 Successful editing will be rewarded

Anyone can do it:

✅ Beautifully designed DIY kit
✅ Just cut, fold and stick
✅ Final size: 500 x 450 x 360 mm
✅ Step by step instructions with pictures
✅ Recommended age 14+

PLEASE NOTE: Due to shipping restrictions, glue is not included - sorry.
Standard white glue, a liquid glue stick or quick drying glue will do.

A good gift:

This 3D Papercraft model with its amazing design is a great gift for any occasion, birthday, gift for friend, son or daughter, father or mother, grandfather or grandmother. At least it gets a lot of attention and it's decorative too!
Build it yourself step by step

Volka DIY Craft Kits levers kit:
• Building boards made of cardboard
• Cutting mat
• Fold level
• Cutting ruler
• Hobby knife
• User Manual

This product is shipped from the warehouse in the Netherlands and the shipping time is therefore 3-4 days for this product.